The Banking Industry

The banking industry is shifting its focus more towards customer engagement banking for better results. The best example is the recent #TDThanksYou YouTube video of a Canadian Bank. The video went viral instantly and created great ripples in the silent water. It’s the young generation that made the video viral. This is the best time for banks to target, build trust and satisfy them.

Video Banking For Engagement Banking

More than 70% consumers have the opinion that banks are not able to provide customized solutions. It can be due to their limited awareness towards banking solutions. How can banks connect with customers and improve customer service? Video marketing is the best solution. Majority of the banking consumers are visual and auditory learners. Good Explainer Videos can connect and educate consumers in a meaningful way.

Banking business escalates when they are able to build trust and confidence with consumers. Running successful video campaigns helps in creating a two-way dialogue than a one-way monologue. Social media sites are the best Tell and Sell market.

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How a Tell & Sell Market work for Banks?

Take advantage of the online platform to meet and greet new and existing customers. Create compelling video stories on banking solutions. Post it on different social platforms for views, shares, likes and comments.

Video Marketing Ideas

Online videos provide great opportunity to educate, engage and take banks to the top position. Don’t take the opportunity for granted. Start creating quality and creative videos. People love watching quality videos that is informative and entertaining.

Toon Explainers for Creating Videos that Connects and Communicates

Top-Notch Video Marketing Solution For Banks


Story telling videos on Banking Solutions


Customer Loyalty Promotional Videos


Real-time videos for Building Trust


White Board animation on Banking Products


Personalized Videos for Creating Awareness


E-Learning banking videos

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Video Promotion Strategies

  • Create Videos that attract audience
  • Make Videos that Convert
  • Host videos in Youtube
  • Embed videos in Website, Blogs and Social sites
  • Use paid YouTube Advertising

To Get an Idea – Just Watch Videos of these Key Players

Consumer Banking Videos

  • Standard Chartered PLC
  • Citibank
  • Wells Fargo
  • Seylan Bank
  • Sampath Bank
  • Bank of America

Commercial Banking Videos of

  • Nedbank
  • Remitix
  • United Overseas Bank Limited
  • UMB
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Metro Bank


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